As a weather server I use a ALIX.1D board from PC Engines running the meteohub software. The ALIX.1D is based on a AMD Geode LX800 processor clocked with 500 MHz. The ALIX.1D acts as a cheap Meteohub platform that can even be equipped with an optional WLAN adapter (internal mini-PCI slot). A 4 GB CF card, that is mounted internally  is used as storage media. The ALIX.1D is well suited to process larger amounts of weather data. Main features of ALIX.1D are:
  • it is a x86 system based on AMD Geode LX800 (486 compatible), 500 MHz, 1000 BogoMIPS, 256 MB RAM.
  • the Meteohub software and the data are stored on a internal CF-storage card.
  • the system starts automatically when power is present.

Interface of the weatherstation

The data from the weatherstation gets posted to a internal ip-address (website or port) and then the data is pulled from this website and the needed string is filtered. I do this with a small shell script and the unix comand wget.
wget -q -O /dev/stdout "" 2>/dev/null | grep   -e "sensor1" -e "sensor2" -e "sensor3" , etc.
# wait 10 s for next read
sleep 10
execute scipt as ./myscript

The data is then processed with meteohub as a plugin weatherstation. Below is a screenshot of the aquired data.